Ashcroft High School

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About our school

Ashcroft High School provides a quality comprehensive curriculum and each student is given every encouragement to succeed. The school is proud of its historic association with sport. Today, it excels in the area of performing arts where the focus is on a caring and supportive environment that nurtures confidence in expression and creative energy.

Pride in achievement and cultural identity are fostered through intercultural programs, reconciliation movements and the opportunities to showcase a multiplicity of talents. Sporting activities continue to thrive and play a valuable role in developing students' confidence and abilities to work in teams.

Have a look around and see the extensive range of activities available to Ashcroft students; from the performing arts to the environment, from sports to engineering projects; from the Student Leadership Council to our Aboriginal Initiatives.

Ashcroft High School stands on the land of the Gandangara Tribe of the Darug Nation.

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